Marriage is My Bitch

I just realized that the Chef & I have been in a relationship for almost seven years.  Whoa.  That is the absolute longest time I have committed to anyone, EVER.  I had been in relationships before the Chef but none ever surpassed the 2 year mark.  2 years was my get out of jail free card. And now look at me, I've made marriage my bitch. The past year has shown both of us that neither of us are perfect.  In fact we are far from it.  But you know what, perfection is bullshit.  No one is perfect and anyone who tells you they is probably snorting Ritalin in the bathroom the moment your back is turned.  There have been times that I have questioned our relationship, I have doubted it's strength and it's determination to survive.  Thoughts have danced in my mind that probably shouldn't have.  But I am not the type of girl who is going to hide from her feelings.  I confront them head on.  When people in relationships start to hide their feelings and compartmentalize every little thing,  the problems arise.  The resentment escalates and pretty soon someone is walking out the door.  Believe me I know.  I watched my parents hate each other for over 10 years.

Yes. We totally make-out in public.

Our seven years has showed me what true love actually is.  Ours is a journey unlike any other.  It can be tumultuous, it can be beautiful, but it's ours and I am proud of what is ours. The next seven years, given our luck, will probably not be pretty or clean but I look forward to experience those years with the Chef, the man I chose as my own,with unbridled anticipation for what's to come.