A Four Year Old's Directorial Debut

The widow house has been a sickness den for the past couple of days. Everyone was all good and then C-money came home with something from school. We woke up on Thursday feeling like death. So we kept our pajama's on all day, made nachos, and C-money decided he was going to become the next Annie Lebowitz (minus the bankruptcy)/Roman Polanski (minus the child rape, too soon?).

He got really into his photographs, telling me why he was shooting a certain angle and what he liked about the finished product. When we sat down to make the movie he put them in order of the what happened as the day progressed. My man is a smartie. When it came time to chose the soundtrack he spent an eternity listening to music. First he wanted Iggy Pop, then he wanted The White Stripes, then he wanted some dub-tribe (I said NO), finally he listened to my entire 70's Punk Rebellion disc and settled on The Runaways, a timeless song about teenage rebellion. Apparently he wanted to let me in on the future a bit. He even came up with the title. He is way too cool for school.

I am so proud of all the effort he put on this video. We must have spent at least 2 hours, 2 sick hours, finishing this project. Everyday he amazes me, sick or healthy. I must say that the ride gets sweeter as every moment passes. How do I every get so lucky? Enjoy bitches.