Applejack: My Sweet Frenemy

Dear Applejack, I remember when we first met.  You dressed in hot tea, me in a bathrobe.  It was love at first sight.  Your smooth taste and sweet kisses made me better when the swine was attacking.  The first time you came by with ginger beer, I know I had found my soulmate.  My one true drink.  The spicy mix of ginger and apple swirled in my mouth and took me to a place I had never been before.  Pure sektisi.

And then you had to go & ruin it.  You had to taste too good. So good that I couldn't stop.  You took your hold over me when we met at the Velvet Tango Room one night for a nightcap (courtesy of Bar Deville).  Then you broke my heart.  You went down so easy.  And I, a hopesick girl, let you.  Damn you Applejack!  Damn you!  I paid for your love the next day and wasn't sure I could ever return.

And then my cough came back.

Lovers reunited in theraflu applejack tea!


Chef's Widow

All joking aside, I must let you know that I had some amazing cocktails at The Velvet Tango Room recently. This time they were concocted by Bar DeVille (a Chicago joint) that Paulius invited to the tango room for a good 'ol bartender switch.  It was enormous fun (you should have seen me the day after) & I would love to somehow end up in Chitown when the VTR crew hits Bar DeVille in November (accepting sponsored trips:).  If your feet are planted in Chicago on November 9th & 10th, 2009  you should FOR SURE check out Bar DeVille and watch The VTR take over and make some of the best cocktails that will ever grace your lips.

2009 10 26_1214

Bar DeVille at The Velvet Tango Room

xoxo bitches.