Happy Ween & Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes

Having a girl who was born on Devil's Night makes Halloween weekend particularly exciting.  Take note:

2009 10 31_Halloween 2009_0004

The Superhero's on the stoop claim their maximizing candy dealing positions in sweet anticipation of the Trick or Treater's arrival

2009 10 31_Halloween 2009_0016

Happy 'Ween' proclaimed Louisiana every time she handed out a piece of candy.  I couldn't help but chuckle each time she said it.  I may be a momma but my mind always gravitates to those drrrrty places...heh heh

2009 11 01_0111

The day after Halloween, we found ourselves running around the house in mad preparation for Biggie's birthday clambake.  However it was hard to get anything done without noticing how absolutely adorable the mini's looked in their matching Polska jerseys.

2009 11 01_0136

Friends began to arrive...

2009 11 01_0115

and it wasn't long until the bake was in full effect.  A mixture of real life friends, family, restaurant folk, and Internet peeps came to our home to celebrate our amazing Lou.  The combination of delicious food and beverage and great company turned the fall day into an afternoon of awesome.

2009 11 01_0138

Until this guy ruined it.  Damn pony.  And his damn bib.

2009 11 01_0114

Things obviously got better when Miss Louisiana's favorite mouse was brought out .  (cake created by my bestie, AK)

Happy Birthday Miss Louisiana!  Two looks good on you.

Thank you to all who made this day a sweet memory for our family.  We are truly fortunate to be able to celebrate our daughter with such great friends and family. We must have done something right to deserve all of this awesome.