We are the Revolutionaries

After last nights Ohio election results were displayed on the screen, my social networks exploded in anger.  Issue 2 passed as well as Issue 3 and I think the majority of people my age who have time, money, or themselves invested in this city were heartbroken.  I read so many people's words expressing their anger over these results,

ohio bamboozled by big ag's phony ads. issue 2 passes. Now: contact yr legislators to have a hand in who gets on livestock care board.
How can voters be smart enough to vote for tri-c, and gullible enough to vote for factory farms and legalized gambling monopolies???
Can't BELIEVE issues two and three are going to pass
you know what? i don't care. have fun degenerates, i'll be busy helping make this city great again, while you'll be slowly dying, waking up on your death bed wondering where the years went. there's a reason why casinos are open 24 hours a day and they have no clocks on the walls.
retarded clevelanders voting for issues they know nothing about... idiots! you guessed the wrong answer!!!
Well, Ohio has voted for casinos and for government protection of big agribusiness. The only thing the casinos are going to save is gasoline - for the people who won't be driving out of state. Look at Pittsburgh's casino that has had its bond rating lowered to junk status. And you also said yes to big commercial farms with big commercial pools of animal shit and lots of methane air pollution. Goooooo Buckeyes!

All of this passion can be turned into something positive.  There is a reason we ALL live in Cleveland and it sure as hell ain't The Browns.  We live here because we can see the future.  We can imagine being the frontiers of this city, the founders of the new Cleveland.  Each one of us has stood behind something we believed in regarding this city.  We can't let this shit get us down and lose our passion.  So we have a casino, now lets fight for a waterfront boardwalk.  Big ag won, livestock panels will be created.  Fuck 'em. Write to the governor and tell him WHO (the panels are made up of Representatives of Ohio family farms, farming organizations, food safety experts, veterinarians, consumers, the dean of an agricultural department at an Ohio college or university, and/or a county humane society representative) you want on these panels.  Keep the momentum going, the passion that I saw regarding these two issues was enough to inspire a revolution.  Let's do it.  Let's revolutionize this city.  Support local business, support local farmer's, join local organizations that fight for the environment, that believe in the future of our city.  The most important thing we should all understand regarding these issues is that our generation is the one that will CHANGE Ohio.  We will be the majority soon and the steps we take until we get there will define the path that this state takes.  Keep the passion alive, believe in the city that you believed in yesterday. She is still here.  Beneath the black jack tables and the big corporate farms, we are still here.