The Rogue Fingerling

Once upon a time there was a potato.  He was part of the fingerling family and he had a very good life.  Or so he thought.  He was born in dirt, picked at a young age and ended up living with his 147 brothers and sister in a very cold box.  One fall day, his cold home started moving. It felt like an earthquake.  The potato was scared.  He looked at his brothers and sisters in fear.  Before his head could even turn he was falling, falling, falling.  As soon as his bum hit the stones on the ground, he was up, up , up.  And soon he was sitting down again.  This time on metal, surrounded by open air and big trees.  The potato had no idea what was going on.  He felt like an artichoke. 2009 11 03_0140

The potato enjoyed the smell of the air and was wondering where this adventure would take him.  Before long he would know.  The giant metal box that he seemed to be sitting on began to move and soon the wind was blowing in his eyes and the sweet fingerling could not see where he was going next.

2009 11 03_0143

When the metal box finally slowed down he found himself at some sort of market.  He followed the big potato's into the market and was shocked in horror with what he saw.  A box of his sweet cousins were being held hostage.  Oh no!  Before he could make a move he was back on the moving metal box.

2009 11 03_0147

He found himself at a place called Dick's.  He stayed on the box.  He wanted no part of that.  Fingerling's do not play sports.

2009 11 03_0150

Soon the golden fingerling found himself across the street from what looked like his home.  However when he went in to the restaurant he couldn't his family.  What was the young tater to do?

2009 11 03_0148

Go shopping of course.  Everyone knows that Nordstrom Rack cures the potato blues...He shopped to his hearts content and was so tired that all he could imagine was his:

2009 11 03_0149

Home sweet home.  "I'll be safe here," the young fingerling thought.  Too bad he forgot it was the Chef's day off***...muwah ha hah

***No potato's were hurt in this story.  Well until the Chef cooked 'em that is.

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