Pit Bulls & Parolees: Cleveland Edition

minus the whole parolees thing... Pitbulls & Parolees is a show about an A-freaking-MAZING woman who takes pitbulls in, and rehabilitates (with the help of recent parolees) them for adoption.  When I saw the name of  the show I thought, 'great, this is really gonna put the pit in a good  light.'  Turned out it actually does.  The spotlight is on the pitbull and his general good nature.  The show focuses on the abuse but also highlights the fact that the dog can get better.  The  parolees help rehabilitate and they seem genuinely affected by the mistreated dogs that they come upon.   Some even seemed ashamed like the abuse is something they could have done.  The beauty of the show is that pitbulls are seen in a positive light, they are not seen as the monsters they are often portrayed as.  Tia Torres, the owner of the Villalobos Rescue Center is saving the pitbull, one at a time. What a woman.

Potato, our pitbull, has given us so much life and happiness.  He is an amazing dog and I truly wish I could adopt 10 more pitties. Someday.  Someday.

How could we not love this guy?  All he does is cuddle and sleep.

2009 11 07_0274

Sleeping w/ Chef

2009 11 04_0308

Sleeping w/ the boy

2009 10 31_0201

Sleeping w/ the boy (again)


Sleeping w/ Michaela (Biggie's baby doll named by Catcher after Meghan Fox's character in Transformers)

Disclaimer: the Chef may have been was drinking all day at the schvitz before this video was filmed.

If you are in the market for a Potato pitbull I suggest checking out For The Love of Pits.  Shana Klein runs the joint and has been doing amazing work with pitbulls adoption.  She is currently seeking a home for Moses, an abused pit that was found chained up with a dead dog in a basement of someones house.  Disgusting.  Please contact her if you can help out, fostering, adoption, donation, anything.


How could you not love this face?

xoxo bitches