Blog It Forward

I don't know Anissa Mayhew.  I met her briefly at BlogHer while sneaking a smoke out back.  Since that brief (and very hilarious) meeting I have been a reader of her blog, Aiming Low. Last week I was saddened to hear that she had a stroke, this being her second.    The 35 year old mother of 3 was in the icu fighting for her life.  I followed the twitter thoughts and prayers, read the website updates, and kept her own family close in my prayers. I found that Anissa was in my thoughts alot last week and over the weekend I knew that I had to do something.  Because I only know her through her words, I felt odd speaking about her on Twitter.  Unfortunately I have watched as people use other people's tragedies to promote their own agendas.  Blech.  But I couldn't stop thinking about her.  I couldn't stop thinking about the simple fact that she too is a mother like me, close in age, with 3 children.  I decided that I was going to help. I was going to use what I have been given (the restaurant) to help her family in their time of need.  I have been a blogger for 4 years.  In that time I have met some of the most amazing people.  I have bonded with them and some of them have even turned into beautiful friendships.  The interwebs have changed my life and I hope know that if we were ever at a dark point  in our life, the interwebs would turn the light on for us.

The idea of Blog It Forward was born.  As bloggers we have the power and the network to help people.  And that is precisely what Blog It Forward is all about.  Helping a women I don't know.  A woman you don't know.  Three children that I will probably never meet.  A husband that needs strength.  Providing just a little sliver of hope...

The holiday season is often lost in translation.  This year I will not let it be.  Please join me in the celebration* of giving for a friend in need:


*The more people we get to join us of Blog It Forward, the more CASH MONEY we can send to the Mayhew family.  Pass it around.  Invite your friends!

**Plus getting a bunch of bloggers together when there are $1 beer specials always seems to bring out the sillies (and the crazies;).