Widow Weekend

My Thanksgiving was awful. I knew it would be. In fact it was so awful that next year the family and I are forgoing all Thanksgiving obligations and heading west to spend the weekend with Biggie's godfather.  For reals.  I am officially done with the bird and the drama it brings.  D-O-N-E. 2009 11 26_0798

At least the turkey was beautiful

As bad as my Thanksgiving was, the days following were phenomenal.  I spent my Black Friday shopping LOCAL at Bizarre Bazaar as well as at other stores mentioned in my Local Cleveland  Holiday Challenge (still time to enter bitches!).  That evening the mini's and I headed up to the restaurant for the White Elephant/Black Friday party.  We were happy to see everyone dressed in their holiday sweaters and had a great time exchange silly gifts with our greenhouse friends and family.

2009 11 27_0732

Saturday morning we found ourselves at a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. We spent hours and hours searching for the perfect tree and finally Catcher spotted a 9'8" Cannon Fir that he thought was the best.  The Chef got all lumberjack on me (bow chicka bow wow) and cut the pine down faster than I could say merry christmas.

2009 11 28_0692

The search begins...

2009 11 28_0702

The fir is found!

Monday, the Chef took off so we could decorate our new tree.  The mini's had an amazing time putting up the ornaments and Catcher consumed about 8 candy canes during the entire process.  He was awesome as a big brother as he showed his lil' sis how to hang candy canes very carefully on the branches.  It may have been the cutest thing ever.  After the decorating was done, the kids headed up to bed and the Chef and I settled in for some quality time.  A few glasses of wine, some stinky cheese, and a Ewan McGregor movie made the ending of what began as a crappy weekend unbelievable spectacular.  Did I mention that I really really like christmas and really really love a chef?


It's a blue christmas at the widow house

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