Cleveland Cocktails For Anissa

2009 12 03_0888 Last night my city and my blogging community came together to support a family they have never met.

It was fucking awesome.

I was hella nervous and worried that people wouldn't show.  I was even more worried that I wouldn't show (my babysitter last minute cancelled), but it all worked out supremely.  Miss Genna P came through, saved my night,and hung out with the mini's while I hosted my first ever fundraiser, Blog It Forward. And funds...we raised!

2009 12 03_0887_edited-1

Blog It Forward started as a way to help a mother going through some really tough shit.  When I read about Anissa's tragedy I couldn't help but put myself in her shoes.

Blog It Forward was born.

Last night we all gathered for #cocktailsforanissa.   The 50/50 raffle went off without a hitch and we raised over $300!  The winner, John Heaney of Lime Ribbon donated the $$$ back so we will be sending Anissa and her family the full amount raised.  Along with The Greenhouse Tavern's donation, MVP Valet's donation, Tartine Bistro's donation, the 50/50 raffle, and random anonymous donations we raised over ONE THOUSAND DOLLA DOLLA to send to ANISSA & her family!

2009 12 04_0884

Boo ya.

This weekend I will be sending the CASH MONEY as well as the cards you all signed, and the disposable (how in the hell do you work these?) camera's  down to her family. Word.

Thank you a million.  Cleveland really showed their true colors last night and I couldn't be prouder!  Check out what some awesome Cleveland bloggers are saying about last night's event:

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The giving is still going people. Team Anissa shirts are for sale and 100% of the profits will be going to the family.  You can also send cash money/checks/giftcards directly to the family here.

xoxo bitches.