It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

They way I feel about Thanksgiving is the exact opposite of the way I feel about Christmas.  I freaking love Christmas and all of the holidays that surround it.  How could I not?  Shopping is one of my all time favorite things to do and I have a crush on the smell of pine.  I am also a hardcore believer in Festivus as evidenced by my annual Festivus celebration.  New Years Eve always puts delicious food in my belly.  Mmmmm.... The events leading up to the holidays are what really makes it special for me.  Here's how we do it:

2009 11 28_0687

1. Schlep mini's to a tree farm.

2009 11 28_0696

2. Find the perfect tree.  Our requirements are that it must be at least 9' tall and must be green.  Who in the hell wants a brown tree?

2009 11 28_0695

3.  Hire a hot farmhand chef to chop down perfect tree.

2009 11 28_0702

4.  Pretend that your helping carry perfect tree even though you are really just posing for a picture that your fabulous son is taking.

2009 11 30_0823

5.  Decorate perfect tree.  If you happen to be OCD like myself decide on one color and go with it.  We only have Blue Christmas in our house.

2009 12 01_0818

6.  Once perfect tree is decorated continue the theme outdoors.  No one likes to look at mismatched & multicolored lights.  Seriously they don't.

This year's holiday season is quite special to the entire widow family.  We are in our new house (that we super love), our restaurant is thriving, and the mini's might be the coolest people I have ever known.  Plus we are shopping local,  I got a new writing gig and Biggie has begun her modeling career.  Life is good.

xoxo bitches.