France-Chef's Widow=Not Awesome

No statue groping for me this winter...

About 2 months ago the Chef was asked to go to France with one of his wine purveyors. I was not invited. After a long discussion we agreed that it would be good for him to go for a week. I was bummed and quickly tried to figure out something for the kids and I to do. My grandpa has a condo in Florida so I thought we could go visit him for a week. The only problem of course is my ridiculous fear of flying. Then I thought about leaving the kids for a weekend and going to NYC. I still have some friends there and I haven't been back in so so so so long. I miss her. I decided that I would keep my options open and just do something on the fly. If I found a last minute deal I would take the kids to Florida and if I didn't I would drive to the big apple.

And then everything changed. The Chef came home last night with an itinerary of FOURTEEN days in France. Um, excuse you? FOURTEEN DAYS living it up France while I housewife it up with my mini's. I don't think so. Don't get me wrong, I freaking ADORE my children but I am with them 24 hours straight and my only relief is when the Chef comes home early or has a day off. To not have those options for FOURTEEN days (in the dead of winter) will absolutely not work. No way. Not a chance.

I am grateful that he has opportunities like this however jealous I am in.  But the cold hard fact is that when we had kids we talked about travel.  The Chef & I agreed that we would travel with our children.  As a family.  Where we went they went.  Or we would not go.    For the most part we have followed this mantra & understand that there will be times (like this) when it is work related & would not be appropriate to bring the mini's.  With that I also understand that no one needs FOURTEEN days to visit a vineyard.  They may want FOURTEEN days...


I'm taking the kids here. Anyone wanna join?  I'm really fun on airplanes.