Fine in '09: My Hormonal Balance is The Wackness. And The Wackness SUCKED.

One of my first posts from  January 2009.  Enjoy bitches. Things I did on a Sunday:

Fell in love

Saw Benjamin Button

Drank Wine

Fell in love

Drank More Wine

Checked out The Greenhouse Tavern

Ate super yumster food

Fell in love

Got kinda tipsy

Climbed up to the snowy rood and checked out Cleveland

Fell in love

I know, I know.  SUPER CHEESE.  But I can’t help it…

Our marriage has been teetering as of late.  The stress of the new restaurant, the schedule changes, the anxiety caused by talking to cute food writers on the phone, the direness of our financial situation, the super fast flyby childhood of our kids, our families, and the addicted brother.  All of it has been affecting us.

Affecting our relationship.

The Chef & I came to a standstill while in Michigan for a friend’s wedding, and had yet to move past it.  The bickering & the fights seemed to get BIGGER over smaller stuff.

But Sunday changed all that.  We woke up still with chips on our shoulders from things we had said to each other last night, last week, & last month.

On Sunday morning we decided to spend the day together.  Childless.  Just the two of us. Husband & Wife. We hoped that it would give us a chance to really talk to each other, a chance to give our relationship the time that it deserves and ultimately needs.  A refresher course if you will…

It did.

We did.

Day date leads to night date when it comes to us

The day (and night) was incredible.  For the first time in months’ we were our former selves.  We were Amelia & Jonathon. Not mom & dad.  Not Chef & Mrs. Chef.  Not She & Him.  It was just us.  And it was sooooo good. Hanging out & actually having fun was something that we both desperately needed to have happen before the opening.  We both needed to remember that deep down, past the stress-ball that is our life, we ARE actually in love.  Real.  Love.

{ As opposed to the fake kind that one may see on Rock of Love Bus, the best television show ever made.}

Love that takes time.  Love that takes work.  Love that yells.  Love that cries.  Love that wants to sucker punch. Love that screams.  Love that kisses.

Love that loves.

***Sapping it up since 2009***