Fine in '09: Life is a Dream, Realize It

I wrote this post (& made this video) once the restaurant was opened. 2009 was a year that the Chef and I will always remember.  His Our dream was realized.  We put a lot on the line for our restaurant, The Greenhouse Tavern.  At times their was no end in sight and all I could see was failure.  But somehow we grasped onto each other and clawed thru the risk, the heartbreak, the stress, and most important, the journey...

We confronted our adventure and somehow made it out alive.  We have bullit a family out of this restaurant, it is not just ours.  The Greenhouse Tavern is owned by every person who walks through that door, whether they are their to work or eat, they, are the building blocks of our dream.

Enjoy!  Be safe tonight bitches.  Don't drink & drive.  xoxo

My apologies to those who have already seen this movie. I tried to make a new one but am just too damn tired to follow thru;)

I haven't been able to collect my thoughts about the restaurant opening. Actually I haven't even been able to comprehend the idea that the Chef & I(and countless others) actually opened a fucking restaurant. I just cannot fathom it. But we did. And it was is pretty RAD. The past week has been one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I cannot even begin to explain the way I feel about my husband. The pride is so overwhelming that the second I begin to focus on anything chef or restaurant related, a tsunami of tears appear.

I took several videos throughout the week and I had hoped that they would convey what I had experienced. They don't even come close.

Everyone keeps asking me how excited I am. And I am. But it is SO freaking weird. It absolutely DOES NOT FEEL REAL. I have never had this kind of experience. A dream realized. A dream complete. It may take awhile for me to get used to that fact.

In the meantime I will enjoy the ride of a lifetime.