Au Revoir Chef

Lou & Catcher are not to sure about taking Daddy to the airplane

The Chef left for France yesterday.  He will be gone 8 days. I was upset about the trip at first but eventually I came around to it.  The fact of the matter is that his job is to create. And to create, one needs inspiration.   Without a doubt I am sure he will have no problem with finding that in France.  He will be traveling the countryside of France, staying in vineyards,  sleeping in vintners homes, and cooking in their kitchens.

He flew into Barcelona and has already found the ingredients for a new dish:

Embryonic chicken eggs!They'll taste great with our crosne and mousserons (from the Chef's twitter which he will be updating throughout his trip)

I become ok with his trip and I decided to take full advantage of having a week with the kids.  I actually made a schedule (crazy right?) of daily activities and crafts that we will embark on, and I have decided that I am going to completely reorganize our home. We moved into this house 4 months ago and it has already become a clutterfest.  Each room has transformed itself into a junk drawer and I am just not ok with that.  Last night I did the bathroom and tonight I am going to attempt to take on my office.  Shit is crazy over here in widow world...

In other news our very own Chef Jonathon Seeholzer and his wife welcomed a baby girl to the world last night.  Congrats Chef and I can't wait to meet her!

Congratulations Taunie (please email me your mailing address) for winning an autographed copy of David Earle's new book All Man: Hemingway, 1950’s Men’s Magazine, & the Masculine Persona. If your name isn't Taunie you SHOULD definitely buy this book.  It is beyond interesting and a perfect read for these snowed in days.

Stay warm bitches.