I Like Stuff. No I don't.

Me Unlike

The wastefulness of H & M SUX

Recommending 'healthy' choices at fast food restaurants for kids- HEY ASSHOLES there are no healthy choices at fast food restaurants.  The salads are just as bad as the burgers.  How about we start acting like responsible parents and teach our children about food instead of taking the lazy ass way out and buying them a meal that will ultimately kill them.  Just a thought...

Drug Addicted Dead Celebs- Are people ever going to learn that prescription meds are just as potent as illegal drugs?  I'm guessing no. :(

Me Like

Ten Thirty Two

Fucking Delicious

LOL'Cats -I know I'm way behind the times on this but I just can't stop.  And I don't even like cats.


Boy With the Boot-a music review blog written by one of the jonathons....

Capricious Classic- genna p rox my sox

I just hit 1000 followers on the Twit which I think is pretty damn cool.  But I'm a nerd, what the hell do I know about cool?