Too Many Cooks in The Kitchen? Never.

Earlier today I clicked on some linkbait.  It was a piece written on a blog comparing Mike Symon to Gordon Ramsey.  This gist of this post was that Symon better watch out with his fame or he is going to end up like Ramsey.  It spoke of chefs not being in the kitchen and presumed that Symon is the same. I happen to know different. I had run into this issue a few weeks back when I was at La Cave.  A girl who worked for another well known chef in this city was talking to us about how amazing his restaurant was and how great the chef was.  She went onto say that the reason her chef was so great was the fact that he was always in the kitchen, unlike evil Michael Symon. I lost it.  Having some liquid courage I explained that he in fact was in all of his kitchens.  I know this because I happen to get weekly calls from the drive to Avon, Detroit, and Eton.  He knows that he has to be in his kitchens for his restaurants to survive the test of time.  There is a reason for the close proximity of his restaurants, that reason being that he can actually get to them.  Duh.

The beautiful thing about being a great chef is their ability to teach.  Symon and the Chef both have this ability.  They are kind yet they command respect.  There is a reason the same people having been working with them throughout their careers.  For chrissake our sous chef Brian moved from NYC (and quit working for Danny Meyer) to cook here in Cleveland.

Two Chefs really really close to the kitchen...

In any career one hopes for growth.  Being stagnant in one's career will generate unhappiness.  There is a reason 77% of people hate their jobs.

The Chef & I want his career to grow. I want him to open more restaurants.  I want him to be on TV (Mar 5 FoodNetwork).  I want him to pursue his passion. I want to be married to a happy passionate man.  I trust in the Chef enough to know that however big his restaurant may grow he will always remain close enough to the ground to ensure that he is giving his all, and putting out the best food he knows how to cook.  And you know why I know that?

Cause he learned it from Symon.