A Call For Chef's Widows

After reading a comment from one of my readers about being a chef's wife & the things we had in common, I was reminded why in fact, I started this blog so many years ago.

Over the years I have met some kick ass Chef's Widows.  I have met women & men from around the world who are either married to chef's or chefs themselves.  I would like to delve a bit deeper into those relationships and start featuring you, my readers widows, on this blog.

What I am asking for is simple.  Each month I would like to feature the woman behind the man, the woman behind the woman, or the man behind the women, etc...etc.  If you are interested in being featured on this website as the Widow du Mois*** please email me at chefswidow at gmail dot com & I will send you a brief interview & more info.  xoxo bitches

***Amendment to my call: I will also feature restaurant widows!


~The Greenhouse Tavern is currently in the running for BEST NEW RESTAURANT on Metromix.  If you like us you should totally vote!

~The Chef is starting a Chef School Series at the restaurant.  He's offering some pretty awesome classes on the cheap.

~We are officially head to SOBE Food & Wine Festival.  I am very very excited.  Mamma needs some sun.  If you are going to be in Miami for the festival I would love to meet up.

~I have been cleaning up my blog a bit & now have a working blogroll & ad info.  It's about time yeah?  If you think I would like your blog or website, email me at the above address & I will check it.  Kisses loves.