The Host with the Most

Once upon a time  a chef received a call from a television producer.  The producer produces a very well known show on a very watched network and somehow she had heard of the chef.  He had two phone interviews regarding an upcoming project the producer was working on.  The project was going to be moving very fast and the chef was told he had a chance at becoming the host of a television show.   The chef freaked out.  The chef's wife freaked out.  The chef's pitbbull freaked out.  Everyone who lived in the chef's house freaked out. The producer then asked the chef to send some video footage and after they watched it they would get back with him.

The chef & his wife emailed them some of the Chef's best demo's...

and then they heard nothing.

The holidays came and went.   The chef and his wife realized that the opportunity may have passed.  Although they were bummed, they didn't dwell.   They were ecstatic that the chef was even considered to host a television show.  They embraced their family time and soon the chef headed off to France.

As soon as the chef set foot on his plane to France, his phone rang*.  The producer.  They were very interested in the chef and would like to see more footage.  The chef's wife raced home, turned on a Sponge Bob marathon (to babysit the mini's) and compiled all the footage she had.  Four (very long) hours later and the chef's talent reel was complete.

The chef's wife sent the reel in and waited for the chef to come home from France.

Upon the chef's return, his inbox exploded.  Was the chef still interested?  Would the chef be able to travel? Was he available soon?

The chef leaves in February.

Keep your fingers crossed that the chef kills it.

xoxo bitches

*the chef totally got in trouble on the plane for answering his phone on the tarmac.  bad chef.

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