Does Breast Size Matter?

Does breast size matter? Hells yeah.

The restaurant made a beer with Buckeye Brewing Co and we are having our release party on Ground Hog Day.  The Chef designed a label with the help our friend and designer extraordinaire Kyle.  The label came out beautiful and the Chef (and his new found love of Facebook) wanted to share it with the world.

He posted the preliminary on Facebook and at first everyone seemed to dig it.  Then came the backlash.  The logo was objectifying a woman.  The logo was porn.

I thought long and hard about this all weekend long and by Sunday evening I was fuming mad.

Shall I explain?  Of course I shall.

The label for the beer consists of a drawing of a naked woman.  The chef & I have always been comfortable with the beauty of the female form.  It's probably why we own numerous paintings of nude women.   I understand that everyone may not be as comfortable as we are, you can judge for yourself (partial nudity if you are at workey work).

So yeah.  That's it. The Chef put it on Facebook and sooner than later it was being called pornography.  I was torn for a brief second.  Was it porn?  Was it too much? And then I realized something.  The girl resembles me.  Her body and mine mirror each other.  If this girl had smaller breasts would women still be crying out porn? Would it still be objectifying women?  If so then shouldn't this be considered pornography?

A nude women with smaller breasts can be considered art however one with larger breasts is an objectification of all womankind.

I do not feel objecified by this drawing.  I do not feel it is pornography.  As a woman who has been rocking double d's since '97, I feel as though the majority of women have a double standard when it comes to issues like this.  We are ok seeing naked women just as long as her chest isn't too big.  After people commented negatively on this picture, a friend (who is also a magazine editor) called to tell me a story.  He had put a woman on the cover of his magazine who had a large chest.  She wasn't a stripper.  She wasn't a pornstar. She was an entrprenuer who was quite successful in her industry.  After the issue went out my magazine editor received dozens and dozens of calls, emails, and letters calling the cover obsence.

The cover wasn't obsence.  The cover represented her,  her breasts, her body. She just didn't look like Jennifer Aniston and because of that she was obscene.

I'm not sure where to go from here with this.  I have come to terms that when some people look at me all they will see is tits.  And frankly I don't give a flying fuck.  I never have.  I know I'm more than that.  I also know that  I like my breasts.  They kill my back sometimes but in general I am pretty happy with what I have been given.

I think that all woman are beautiful.  All body types, all breast sizes, all beauty...

I see beauty in the woman on the label.  She does not offend me.  Nor do I think she is pornographic.  She is a piece of art. She may not look like you however she does look like me, & many, many other women in this world.  Instead of shouting PORN from the rooftops we should be shouting BEAUTY and showing our support for women of all shapes and sizes.

The double standard has got to stop.