Like I'm Not Gonna Talk About Lost

Here's what is  supercool about Lost.  And google.  I type Sawyer into google and I get this:

or this:

My two favorite Sawyers...yum.

I am beyond excited for the final season of Lost.  I truly think that is the only thing on television worth watching (besides Skins of course).  Unfortunately & Fortunately tonight I am not going to be able to partake in some good 'ol fashion James Ford Sawyer deliciousness as I will be enjoying the new beer we made alongside Buckeye Brewing Co. at The Greenhouse Tavern.  You should totally come.  The beer is a-freaking-mazing!

So if ANYONE and I mean ANYONE spoils tonight's episode for me on Twitter, Facebook, or in person, I will hurt you.  Badly.

Or maybe I should just turn my interwebs off? Meh.

What's your prediction for the final Lost season?  Will Kate & Sawyer fall back in love?  Will John Locke turn out to be God?  I wanna know.  If anyone's prediction for the entire outcome of the season comes true I will totally take you on a date at The Greenhouse Tavern.

Can't wait for tonight check out the first four minutes of the season premiere.

xoxo bitches.