(Chef's) Widow of the World

What is your name & what kind of widow are you?

My name is Kellie Doolittle and I am a Chef's Widow.

Where is your casa & what is your jobby job?

Currently my casa is in Crozet, VA - as for his - It's in Tulsa, OK.  After long months of debating when to leave my job and sell the house, I came to the conclusion that I will soon join my Chef in Tulsa.  I am an Occupational Therapist working with Military service members who return with Traumatic Brain injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

How long have you been in a relationship with someone in the ‘industry?’

That would be 11 years, married for four of those years.

What is your biggest turnoff or dislike of being a Chef’s/Restaurant Widow?

- Is it possible to go eat at a restaurant without having your husband count the minutes between the drink order and the appetizer order?

- When you cook in the residential kitchen, could you please not use every single pot, pan and spatula that we own - creating an enormous mountain of dirty dishes for me to wash, I am not an industrial dishwasher.

- His Chefly ways are rubbing off on me -- sometimes I can become too critical of plating designs too

What is your favorite aspect of being a Chef’s/Restaurant Widow?

Being married to a man that has so much passion, determination and drive to excel and create the best restaurant/dining experience possible. He puts his heart into everything that he does -- and it has to be done right.

Considering your significant other most likely works a million and one hours a week, how do you find time to keep the relationship alive?

On the weekends I stay up until he gets home and then we get to have quite time together as he unwinds from work. I always try to make a point to plan a date when he has a day off in the middle of the week. Concerts are always a good option, even though I have to work in the morning.

When you do have time together what is your favorite thing to do (besides the nasty:)?

I would say going to concerts or any music venue. In Charlottesville, VA they have a great open air concert venue with a great variety of bands and singers that come through town.

Do you have any sage words of wisdom for those men or women just starting a new relationship with a Chef or Restaurant manager?

Become active within your community, volunteer, and generally find fun things to do that take up your time -- whatever it is, make sure it keeps you engaged

Do you cook?

Yes - not all the time, but I do make a killer Bread Pudding.  If I decide to cook during the week, I usually make a plate for him and stick it in the fridge for when he gets home. Small acts of kindness yield nice results ;)

What would your last meal/adult beverage on earth be?  Who would you eat it with?

last meal….hmm…something simple….red beans and rice with a crusty piece of French bread and butter (that would probably be his too) As for beverage: Cooper Vineyards Noche -- a red dessert wine. The best, and pairs well with chocolate too.

I know that being a mother and being married to a Chef makes me insane, how do you handle balancing your family life with such a demanding work schedule of your partner?

Well, we do not have kiddos yet, so it is just me, the dog and the CAT. I try to keep myself busy and keep things running. If not I would be so totally bored and lonely.

If you have/had kids would you encourage them to pursue the restaurant industry as a career?

I would not hold them back from anything -- but rather inform them of the time and commitment that it requires.

Feel free to share an awesome widow facts about yourself &/or anything you’ve got going on…blog, restaurant events, etc…

We also have a service dog: Cousteau.  He is a great part of our lives and serves as the facility dog where I work.

If anyone is going to be in the Tulsa area, check out Trula Restaurant In the old restored Mayo Hotel.

Since we are originally from New Orleans, may I say "WHO DAT !!!"

Thanks Kellie!

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