The Light in His Eyes Shines Brightly

His life changed drastically over the past ten years.  He lost his mother. He battled his son.  The lines on his face grew as fast as his personal blame.  He waged war against a demon who took over his boy's soul.  He waged war on himself.  The blame was his. He was not a good enough father.  He did too many things wrong.  If only he would have done this...or this.  If only he would have been stricter, maybe the demon wouldn't have taken over his son.  If only he would have been smarter, maybe she would have beaten the cancer.

The world on his shoulders.

The light shines brightly when they are around.  His smiles explodes.  His pain fades and just briefly, just for a moment, the hurt and blame is gone.  They are the good to the evil that has infected his life for the past ten years.  Their faces erase it all.  All of the phone calls at 5am...gone.  All of the late nite vigils at her bed...gone.  All of the worry and regret when he sticks the needle back into his arm...gone.  All of the tears...gone. They make it all better.  They make it gone.

Daddy, I am we are so honored and so lucky to have such a beautiful man in my our life.  I love you forever.  Happy 61.

It's not your fault.