Yoga For Foodies at The Greenhouse Tavern

Why yes, I do practice yoga in a vintage Foreigner tee

Last night at the tavern we had a super fantastic event called Yoga For Foodies.  It was hosted by David Romanelli, a yogi who has started the yoga+food movement.  Last night's event was called Jam Sessions: Yoga For Foodies.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  I had never done yoga in a restaurant before, let alone my own restaurant.  When I arrived and met David, I knew I was in for some awesome.  David, just being featured in the New York Times, came off passionate and modest.  Two of my favorite qualities in a person.

The class started in the upper mezzanine:

David began speaking and pretty soon the sounds of the restaurant faded and all I could focus on was my practice.  It was kind of crazy at first because usually in yoga I find the silence of the studio makes my mind race a mile a minute, thinking about what I have to do, what I can do, and how much shit I can pile on my plate. But last night that didn't happen.  My mind went blank.  My thoughts...out the door. I concentrated on my breath and each movement and absolutely nothing else.  David led the class with quotes, music, and stories.  It was a perfect combination.  By the time the hour was finished I was relaxed and famished.   Thank god we were in a restaurant...

Heh.  Heh.

We ended the evening with a spectacular meal cooked by my sweet Chef.  The food was phenomenal (especially the fish w/ lentils, fondue, chives, & caviar) and so were the people enjoying it.  The experience (for me) was super amazeballs and completely altered my view on what yoga means to me.

If David is doing an event near you I highly suggest attending.  The class was approachable, unique, and mind opening.  Not bad for a Wednesday in the CLE.

*If you are in the CLE David will be doing workshops all weekend at Evolution Yoga. I am going to try and make the Sunday class.

**Big congrats go out to my Chef for making the long list of James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year! You deserve it baby!