Oh Monday, Remind me again why I drank wine till 1 am last night?

Oh right.  Because I wanted too am an idiot.

My plate is full this week but I have some awesome news I wanted to share with my favorite peeps:

News #1

I am going to be a blogger for the Cleveland International Film Fest which not only means that I am going to get to go to some awesome independent films but you are too!  Starting very soon I am going to be doing some awesome Cleveland International Film Festival ticket giveaways.

News #2

Playhouse Square and I are going to partner up for their Children's International Film Fest.  I am beyond excited for this.  The festival is going to be filled with some amazing performers including a favorite of ours, The Dream Jam Band.  There will be performance artists, theatre, children's activities and more.  It is going to be an incredible event for the children of Cleveland.  I am also going to have a contest for some tickets very very soon.

News # 3

I'm pregnant.

News #4

Just kidding.

News #5

Make sure to subscribe (right sidebar) to Chef's Widow because this week I am going to be in Miami live blogging from the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. I CANNOT wait.

News #6

The Chef is nominated as a Rising Star chef for The James Beard Foundation Awards.  I am so so so ecstatic and proud of him. This is the last year he can be nominated for this award (have to be 30 & under) so the nod really means the world to both of us.

News #7

The restaurant is doing a really cool concept that I think is going to take off brilliantly.  It is called the Death Row Dinner Series and the theme behind it is simply this question: What would you eat for your last meal on Earth?

I know what I would eat but I wanna know about you.  What would you eat?  What would your last supper be?  Let me know in the comments and you may be a very lucky winner of a Viking Store Cooking Class Voucher, good for 2 people & 1 class at The Legacy Village Viking store.

A random winner will be picked and announced next Tuesday March 2nd, 2010.

Bonne Chance bitches.