The Rule of NEXT

The first rule of blog club is...there is no blog club. The second rule of blog club is...if another blogger invites you to a blogger shopping spree, you immediately say yes, change all your plans, get your hair did, and make sure your Chef is NOT going to be in the kitchen that night.

The third rule of blog club is...there is no blog club.

{sorry about the cheese, my brain is still in Key Largo}

NEXT in Beachwood mall

My girl, MV or Cleverland Foodie as most interweb peoples know here invited me to the afore mentioned shopping spree.  It would take place at NEXT, a local clothing store with locations all over the CLE.  In fact I had recently been in the NEXT store near my house over the holidays hoping to find my Chef a winter coat.  I had no luck and the Chef has been freezing since November. :)

Ok, back to me.

I arrived at the NEXT store in Beachwood and was immediately drawn to all the beautiful sneakers.  I don't wear sneakers however I do appreciate them.  I dig the style that it takes to pull off a nice pair of kicks.

A rainbow of kicks

I was pleased when I arrived because I saw a bunch of familiar faces.  The female blogging community in CLE is small but it sure rocks. These women whose lives I read about daily are even sweeter in person.  And who doesn't like to shop with a bunch of cool chica's?

Baddest B*tches of Blogging

Cleveland's A Plum, Classy Chaos, My Managed Chaos, I Heart Cleveland, Confessions of a Cohabitant, Cleveland Foodie, & Yours Truly

I was handed a glass of bubbly and a $200 gift card, it was time to get my shop on.

NEXT is a store that many have called urban, I myself saw it as more of a nightlife chic.  The racks were filled with mini dresses, sparkles, sweaters, leather jackets, shiny accessories, and brightly colored watches. I dug.  I perused. At first I was overwhelmed by the length and size (very short & very small) of most of the dresses, however once I got into the swing of the store I easily found my style.

Which one did I take home?

After trying on what felt like one hundred and one articles of clothing I finally found some greats:

I walked out NEXT with a bag full of affordable and stylin' clothes including:

a pair of Premonition jeans (seen above)

a super cute Skull Tee (seen above)

a sparkly sleeveless (seen way above)

a crazy black sweater** that can be worn as a tunic, a halter sweater, and a a regular old cardigan

I had a fantastic time meeting everyone at NEXT as well as shopping at their fine establishment.  And that's not just because I got free threads.  I dig the store. I happen to know that I will be going back very soon to buy a certain pair of Grecian cutout boots that I should have bought at the blogger shopping spree.  Good thing the store is 5 minutes away from my casa. (smile)

If you are in the CLE and you are #happyinCLE then you should check out NEXT the next time your shoppity shopping.  It's cool, affordable, and is swimming in style.

**the black sweater mentioned above saved my life at The South Beach Food and Wine Festival.  You see I wore it on the plane as a coat thinking that I wouldn't need any tyoe of coat in the FLA.  Apparently I missed the fact that this winter has been awful all over the country and not just here in Snowhio.  So when the temps reached the 30's at night in Miami, I was so happy that I had my interchangeable funky sweater.  It was able to hid the fact that I generally wore the same outfit for 4 days straight!  Go NEXT!

***I was given a $200 gift card from NEXT for this transparent and honest review, yo.

****If you are interested in knowing more about NEXT check them out on the Twit or their blog.  xoxo bitches.