On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!!!

His strength convinces him he can do it...

he begins the jaunt full speed ahead.

He comes to a plateau and shoots himself forward,

off of the ledge to find,

that the toddler he once knew was gone.  A boy had taken his place.

As you can see I'm still obsessed with my camera, the fabulous Nikon D3000.  I can NOT stop talking pictures.  It's gotten so bad that the Chef is now pointing out each ridiculous photo op that I am choosing to partake in.  Gotta get that bird shot Amelia, hurry there's a squirrel, look at that tree it's a-mah-zing! Har har Chef,  har har. He won't be laughing when I win the best photographer in the world award!

It's another stunning day here in the Cleve Land and we are headed to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (which is a photo op goldmine!).  I hope hope hope that spring has sprung.  My sanity needs it.

How about you?  Is it sunny where you live?  Are the birds songs' putting a smile on your face?

xoxo bitches.