Everyday I delete comments on our restaurant blog that may or may not be written by someone who may or may not have worked at our restaurant.  It depresses me.  The comments are mean spirited and ultimately hurt me and my family. I know it's a part of the game.  I understand the interwebs.

The internet has opened the anonymous flood gates beyond belief and for the most part I can handle.  Sometimes though, I can't.  When someone directly attacks someone I love all the while hiding behind the curtains of the interwebs my motherly/womanly/humane instinct kicks into gear.

In no way am I saying we don't deserve criticism.  Criticism has helped us since day one.  We have evolved into the restaurant we are today because of people's thoughts, input, suggestions, and constructive criticisms.  We are still evolving.  I am still evolving.  The Chef, still evolving.  We are constantly learning from our mistakes, we are growing, and we are making every effort we can to create something beautiful.  Beautiful to us and beautiful to you.

So when I wake up in the morning and I go online and the first thing I see is a comment about how our food sucks and the Chef is overrated and we don't recycle (we heart recycling), and we treat our employee's poorly (yep a holiday party at La Cave du Vin sounds awful) I get pissed and want to rage.

But I don't.  Instead I write to you.  My readers, my friends.  You listen and you respond and you make all the jealous snide people become distant caricatures in my life.

And that is why I blog.

Kisses bitches.

Tonight is the opening night premiere and gala at The Cleveland International Film Festival. Anyone gonna be there? Make sure to say hi if you see the Chef & I!

Congrats again to my ticket winners (I added one more!). Please email me asap at chefswidow at gmail dot com with your full name and mailing address.  xoxo






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