Cleveland Film Festival: TIMER themovie

Our first date in almost 8 months

Last night I had the privilege of attending opening night of The Cleveland International Film Festival. The festival screens some great films from around the world, and we would even get to meet some of the festivals' producers and directors.   You might not get the chance to stay the night in any Britannia hotel rooms or other hotels around the world, but you do get a real taste of international culture.

So the Chef & I got dressed up and headed downtown.  We stopped for a quick drink at the Velvet Tango Room, the Chef ordered a gimlet and I enjoyed a proper Hemingway Daiquiri:

The way a proper daiquiri should look courtesy of the VTR

We arrived at the festival moments before the film began and settled into our seats.  The theatre was packed and our excitement was piqued.  All around us people had smiles on their faces, so proud to be a part of such a spectacular Cleveland event.  The writer/director and producer of the film were introduced and before I knew it Timer had begun.

Shhhh...Timer is about to begin

The film was great.  It was beyond original and quite funny.  Timer is about a girl searching for love in a world that follows the prediction of a computer implant.  The theme is basically a countdown to love.   The characters were quirky and the acting was honest and real.  Emma Caulfield's portrayal of Oona, the anxiously sweet orthodontist desperately searching for her one, was spot on. It also didn't hurt that the male lead in the movie was way easy breezy on the eyes. (I may have to add him to my top five.  Hee hee)

Bottom line: I dug Timer.

I found myself (as well as the entire theatre) laughing throughout it's entirety.  A perfect fit for our night out. After the film was over we headed down to the opening night gala in search of drinks, bloggers, and friends.  We happened to run into the director/writer Jac Schaeffer and producer Jennifer Glynn of Timer.  We even invited them down to the restaurant for dinner.  Hope to see you tonight ladies!

Jennifer & Jac, producer & writer/director of Timer

The Cleveland International Film Festival is one of the many great aspects that prove that there are people in this city who want to see it grow and move forward.  There are so many people in this city who actually believe in this city  and who can actually see the future of a cooler Cleveland.  We are lucky to have such movement in a town that has been stagnant for way too long.

Chef Jonathon Sawyer & Director of CIFF Patrick Sheppard

I am proud to be a part of such a phenomenal event for our city and I can't wait to check out more films over the next 11 days...

If anyone is going to see Out of Place tonight let me know.  I'll be there with bells on.

I am also over here today talking about my buddy Mike Symon.  Show me some love on this gorgeous spring day!