Empire State of Mind

In less than a week the Chef & I will be in NYC.  I can't tell you why yet (BIG BIG NEWS!) but I can tell you that I am beyond excited.  I haven't been back to the city since 2007. Crazy.  Right?

The Chef is feeling the nostalgia too.  Although he has been back a few times to film he is usually in & out of the city in 48 hours, spending 20 of them in a kitchen.  His time to explore is limited.

We are booked on Monday & Tuesday (insert BIG BIG NEWS here) but Wednesday and Thursday we are free to fall in love with New York all over again.  I absolutely cannot wait.  I have even bought myself a fancy schmancy new outfit to rock in the city. Let me introduce you to my Empire State of Mind:

I saw the shoes first and fell into lust.  The Hotness.  I've been after a pair of nude heels for awhile but just couldn't bring myself to buy a boring pair of pumps.   I decided to go with the gold spiked heels.  Why the hell not?  It's New York City yo.  People wear heels to the gym.  The dress followed and although I am not one to rock the floral, this one caught my eye.  Plus it's not often I can afford to buy Anthropologie ($40 on ebay yo).  They key necklaces are a part of another outfit but I thought they may work nice here, although I may very well bring out grandma Louise's pearls.

You like? I freaking love.

Back to the Big Apple.  I need some suggestions of what to do.  That's where you come in...

What exhibits are going on next week?  Any new restaurants that I absolutely must try?  How about shopping?  My spot used to be the LES boutiques but it's been years, who knows where I can buy some kick ass clothes at kick ass prices?  Would love any & all of your advice.