All You Need Is Love

They know nothing of anger, they know nothing of hate.  They don't swing left or right, their words are always kind.

They don't see black, they don't see white.  They don't see woman, they don't see man.  They see a face, they hear a voice.

They see know love.  They live love.  Sweet simple love.

During these tumultuous times when people are spreading hate like a California wildfire, I am reminded why  I live the way I do. Because of them. They inspire me to search for the good in man no matter how hard it may be.  Their love reminds me everyday that no matter what I believe in, no matter what side I am on, love is the bottom line of it all.  We were put here to love.  Not to hate, not to lie, not to cheat, not to kill, only to love.  I am lucky to learn that everyday.

Pure love, something we all can believe in.  Together.