Sometimes things don't work out.  Sometimes people change.  Sometimes the stress of life completely overwhelms and there is turning back.  The roses die and the song birds lose their voice. Love doesn't always work.  Relationships make sense for awhile and then in a moment they feel foreign.

I've had my share of pain.  My family is far from perfect.  My parents were far from perfect.  They figured it out and walked away. Granted it was about 14 years too late but eventually they made the right choice.  My relationship with the Chef has had it's ups and downs.  There are factors beyond our control that we cannot change.  There have been times where we wanted to walk away.

It is time for us to change the direction of our relationship.  A few months ago we were contacted by a TV producer for the show, The Marriage Ref.  We went through the process and it seems we will be making our debut next week.

It took some convincing on the Chef's part but I have no doubt it will help our relationship.

Bwah  Hahahahahaha Hahahahah

Aptil Fools bitches.

Every year it's getting harder and harder to top myself.  Sorry you had to bear the ruse this year chef.  Know that I love you more than ever and you still make those damn song birds sing daily.  xoxoxoxoxoxooxo my sweet love, I love you more.

DISCLAIMER: I know that divorce is no laughing matter so I am sure to be receiving some haterade on this years' ruse.  But just in case you didn't know the d-rule, I will tell you.  People (me) who come from massively broken homes are allowed to make jokes about D-I-V-O-R-C-E.  So skip the haterade this time and lighten up.  It's April Fools Day yo.  Live a little.  Laugh a little. Drink some scotch.  I know I am.

DISCLAIMER #2: The Chef & I are pretty freaking happy together.  We do have issues just as any couple, but we both fight to the death to protect our love.  We would NEVER EVER EVER go on TV to talk about our shit.  Not our gig.  Plus Madonna is considered a relationship expert on that show.  That's like saying Jesse James & Tiger Woods are monogamy experts. Bah.   No bueno.