Happy on a Holiday?????

For the first time I was able to enjoy a holiday.  Shocking I know. Easter started off rocky for me.  My brother is not doing so well and I let it get to me.  I took it out on the Chef and instantly regretted it.  I have to stop letting my brothers' sickness get the best of our relationship.  So I said eff it.  I'm taking back the holidays.  I'm going to enjoy the beautiful family that I have been blessed with.  And that is exactly what I did.

Easter egging it up

Eggstraordinary Boy

Bunnylicious girl

My Easter Sweets

How was everyone's holiday (s)?

The Chef & I are in NYC this week for something tres magnifique.  Can't let you know yet, but I will very soon...or you could always guess???  That may be fun, yeah?  Tell you what, guess our exciting news and I will buy you a drink at the restie. kisses.

xoxo bitches.  enjoy your day.