Food & Wine Best New Chef 2010

WARNING! The below video is raw. I am a major sap. They are happy tears, make no mistake. I am the proudest woman alive.  You get to witness my elation!

Moments after I heard the news...please excuse my silly sobbing & abrasive appearance.  I was lounging when I heard the news and had no time for a costume change.  I mearly wanted to remember the moment forever.

Tonight my husband, the Chef, won Food & Wine Best New Chef 2010. I've known for weeks and couldn't say a word (one reason I stopped drinking, loose lips...)  I am beyond proud and I want to express my love and gratitude right now, but, the Chef is giving me death eyes because we are totally late for the FWBNC after party. More tomorrow loves...xoxoxoxoxo kisses hugs love.