The TiMER Movie Ladies

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to meet the TiMER girls. Jac & Jennifer are the director/writer & producer of the film. The talented ladies came into the tavern the day after opening night and we became insta-friends. They spent their afternoon eating the Chef's creations and spent the evening over at Mike Symon's Lolita. We made plans to meet up after dinner for cocktails at the Velvet Tango Room.

The TiMER movie ladies & Chef's Widow

I spent the majority of the night outside on the patio talking to Jac about the path she took to become the writer/director.  She was a writer first and foremost and then got into screenwriting because of events occurring in her real life.  Her brother was getting married and her mother had bought them a countdown clock.  [I had to ask what that was because when I got married I waited until the last minute to do everything]  Go procrastination! So the countdown clock is this clock that counts down the days (and what you still need to get done) until the BIG DAY.  Jac at the time, a single lady, grew tired of the being single and having the clock continuously remind of her status.  So she started to write.

She told me at first the concept for the movie Timer was very different.  It was bubbly and happy.  As she started to expand and question her theme of the movie, she knew it had to change.  She knew that if one was given the opportunity to have a countdown until their meeting of the 'one', things would certainly not be as bubbly as she originally wrote.  The entire concept of the film is unique and brand new.  I love brand new in movies.  I can't tell you how mad I get when I see the same movie being made over and over and over.  Hollywood has become a succubus for originality.

Jac and I talked Cleveland too.  She was amazed at how her perception of our fair city was so wrong.  She described the city to me with delight as she told me everything she had done while visiting Cleveland.  She fell in love with the people and the place they lived.  She event mentioned the possibility of filming her next movie here.  I mentioned I knew lots of extra's...(YOU)

My night exploring the mind of a female screenwriter & director was beyond an experience.  She inspired me to follow my wiritng as far as it could take me and if I ever get a free moment from here on out, I plan to do exactly that.

This week TiMer the movie is headed to the Brussels International Film Festival where I am sure it will knock the Belges' off their feet~

Congrats ladies!

Did any of you see TiMer on opening night at The Cleveland International Film Festival?  Did you likey?