Tom Waits

I woke up to a cold rain and  this morning and immediately turned on Tom Waits.

Oh Cleveland, what is with your bi polar weather?   You are making ME bi polar.  Happy.  Sad.  Happy. Sad.

Over the weekend you may have seen my tweets regarding a certain American icon that I happened to be sitting next to at The Spotted Pig while in NYC.  If not, check it:

Our table collectively freaked out when we actually realized it was him.  We heard his gravelly voice and instantly turned into celebrity stalkers.  iPhone's were taken out of pockets.  Bad, dark pictures were snapped.  A childlike giddiness had come over us all.  But that is what an icon will do.  He has inspired my life, our lives. His music has altered the paths I have chosen. That's a pretty big deal to a girl like me who grew up in awe of his talent.

Shitty Stalkerphone Photo of Tom & his son Sullivan

After about 6 white wine spritzers I started calling everyone I knew to tell them who we ran into.  Well actually I just called my go to drunk dial M.  His response: "who is Tom Waits?"  made me promptly hand the phone over to the Chef.  Then I thought, now is as good as time as any to get introduced to a rock and roll legend, I called M back & pointed him towards Waits.

So if any of you are unfamiliar with Mr. Waits, please enjoy...I plan on playing this on repeat all. day. long.

Did you like?  I hope so.  What I want to know is who would make you freak out if they sat next to you in a bar?  Who is your Tom Waits?

ps*****Happy ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY to The Greenhouse Tavern. I heart you bigtime.