BlogHer Sponsorship YO

After not having the greatest time last year at the BlogHer conference, I was unsure about my return to this year's event.  Then I found out it was being held in NYC & I knew I had to go. I'm too in love with Manhattan not to.  The only problem I could see in attending would be the expenses.  The conference itself is $200, the hotel another $400, airfare could be up to $300, not to mention food & booze.  I had to get a (blogher) sponsor. Last year I had met quite a few bloggers who had their entire trip paid for by a company sponsorship.  In return for the sponsorship these bloggers handed out free samples, wrote about the company on their blogs, & used social media to promote #blogher & their sponsor together. My search for a sponsor started simply.  I had recently spoken to a local toy company, Creativity for Kids regarding an issue I was having with one of their products.  My son had been given a Solar System kit and we ran out of clay (I think one color was missing).  I called the company expecting nothing and was given everything.  Their customer service was to die for. She assured me that she would send a replacement immediately and that she would tell the product testers of the fault.  I was floored and in product love.  I had (hopefully) found my BlogHer sponsor.

I did a little online research and found out that they are a local Cleveland company.  I had always wanted to promote local but was unsure of how to do that on a national level. Creativity for Kids will allow me to do that.  They are local but their toy kits are sold all over the country & they have also won multiple Dr. Toy awards.  They are a rockin' kids company that I am sure you are familiar with:

So, I reached out.  They responded and I found myself with a partial sponsorship to BlogHer.  I will be promoting them on this blog as well as dong some awesome product giveaways (scroll down)!

I am thrilled not only for the sponsorship but also for the company I will be keeping.  OhMommy & I decided a while back that we would be roomies.  We both love wine and we both rock kick ass shoes, you couldn't ask for a better combo.  We also decided to go rogue and stay at The Waldorf, because everyone should stay at the Waldorf at least once in their lives...I may or may not be channeling my inner Greta Garbo for the weekend:

How hot is Greta?  Whew...those eyebrows...damn.

Moving on...

Today I am going to give one of you AWESOME peoples a Creativity for Kids Create Your Own Book kit.  The kit is great, it comes with 2 hardcover books that your children can illustrate and write in.  My mini's loved this project.

What I need from you is some help regarding my BlogHer sponsorship.  I want to know local companies that are trying to go national or that are national.  I want to be able to promote a company that can get their product nationwide but are located here in Northeast Ohio.  I am also looking for a company that aligns itself with what I believe in: sustainable food, the Earth, children, local, so if you are not a Clevelander, I would love to hear suggestions of this nature.  Let me know in the comments and I will pick a winner next Friday the 23rd.

Bonne chance bitches.

If you are interested in sponsoring me (ahem Waldorf-Astoria) for the BlogHer conference, please email me: chefswidow @gmail dot com.