Monday Morning Musings

Welcome to a brand new week! Lots going on here in widowland~

This Wednesday I will be judging the Chili Cook Off (for Autism).  It's my first year as a judge and there are some pretty awesome cooks in the competition. I  foresee a super size tub of Tums in my near future...

The restie is having a phenomenal beer dinner on the 27th.  They are collaborating with Dogfish Head Brewery and I can honestly tell you that the menu & beer pairings sound amazing.  If you like craft beer this is so your thing.

I have recently gotten back into books.  How funny does that sound? But really  I have.  Sometimes I forget how much I love it and then a book comes around and reminds me that my favorite hobby has always been to read.   I am currently reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so far so good too.  Reading books again has inspired me to reinstate the Vonnegut Book Club. I started the club 2 years ago and then life got in the way.  Hiatus happened. But we're back and we are ready to read again.  This time the Vonnegut Book Club will consists of all sorts of authors that every member will bring to the table.  Check out the VBC Facebook page for more info.

I am also pondering reinstating the Chef's Widow network.  I have been neglecting it ever since the restie opened but I think it may be useful for us widows to start chatting again.  Let me know if you are in, or if I should shut her down and just keep the CW Fan page.

There is still time to win an awesome Creativity For Kids Make Your Own Hardcover Book kit.  These kits are rad.  And local. Enter now!!!!!!!!

Seems like the stork was a fan of April babies this year.   Congrats to all my friends that recently became new parents!  You are in for the ride of your life.  I am so excited to watch both of your boys grow!

I am in serious need of more Widows of the World.  Like whoa. Email me stat if interested.

The Chef turns 30 on May 1st.  I have no idea what to get him or what to do for him (wink nudge).  Thoughts & ideas are welcomed and encouraged.

Hope your week is filled with warm goodness and sunshine.

xoxo bitches.