Blind Date: Widow Style

Alyssa & Amelia do lunch.  in nyc.  for pizza.

We met on the world wide web.  She found me through this blog.  Her husband, a Chef was opening his own restaurant in Brooklyn, NY.  We became interweb buddies.  She helped me out on the blog every now and then.  Sometimes we would find ourselves alone on a Friday night, kids asleep, red wine in our hand and facebook on our screen.  We bonded over food.  We bonded over our kids.  We bonded over wine & Bowie.  Bonding on the webernet.

When the Chef & I were in NYC a few weeks back for the Best New Chef announcement, I knew I had to meet up with her.  Our schedules' were full, her having family in town, and mine full of F & W events, but somehow we managed to meet (and eat).  The Chef & I met her at her hubby's NYC restaurant, Motorino.  We arrived first (the Chef had to exit early for another meeting), so he could try the pie.  He was a happy Chef after that.  The pizza was freaking ah-mazing.

She ran into the restaurant out of breath, and quickly introduced herself.  The first thing I noticed was how strinkingly beautiful (& tall) Alyssa is.  She smiled and we both nervously sat down.  The Chef said hello, and then goodbye, and soon it was just us. Two chef's widows eating pizza and drinking Lambrusco.

I'll admit that I was nervous.  When I get nervous, I talk.  Alot.  I talked and talked and talked, and Alyssa, she listened. Eventually we hit a stride and became friends.  We had bonded so many times before over the interwebs and now it seemed we had found a friendship for our real lives.  The pleasant afternoon with a chef's widow was over no sooner than it had begun.  We each walked out of the restaurant, our bellies full of wine and pie, with a new friend.

Have any of you met someone online?  Have you ever met someone and then became great friends?  Do you think it's crazy to meet ppl on the web or becoming the norm?  Inquiring minds (mine) would love to hear your thoughts.

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