30 Hours of Thirty

Once upon a time a girl fell in love with a boy who happened to  turn 30 on May 1st, 2010.  She knew that she had to something BIG for such a momentous occasion.  The girl planned a surprise brunch for the boy inviting his closest family and friends.  She worked very hard to keep it a surprise.  The girl made sure the boy would work the night before (on his actual birthday) and they would spend the night at a hotel.  This is the tale of the boy's birthday weekend.  It started simply and pure.  The boy awoke the sounds of two sweet children.  They came with gifts and smiles.

The boy knew the girl REALLY loved him when he found out that his gift was an apple.  An apple was what the boy most desired.  The gifts and children were a beautiful start to what would end up being a very long thirty hours of thirty.  The boy and the girl said goodbye to the children and headed off to work.

When the boy and girl arrived they were utterly surprised to see that the restaurant staff loved the boy as much as she.  They had gone overboard and bought the boy something his heart had always desired.  A brand new BIIIIIIIIIIKE !!!!!(in Oprah voice) The boy cried tears of joy and pride.  So far his 30th birthday was the best day of his life.

The night would soon begin.  The boy would retire in the kitchen and the girl would hostess (with the mostess of course).  Soon the night would end and they would be proud.  The people would leave, the ovens would cool, and the girl and the boy would soon be asleep.  Ha! So she thought.

The girl tried and tried to get the boy to leave.  The birthday brunch would be starting early the next morning and she didn't want him to feel bad.  She hid the wine and grabbed the keys but that didn't work.  The boy was enjoying his birthday too much.  She let him have his fun for soon they would be off in dreamland.

The surprise began early the next morning.  The boy was greeted by the sweet children.

He had no idea about the surprise she planned.  The smile on his face lit up  to 1000 watts as he walked into the backyard greeted by close friends and family.  The boy's 30th birthday brunch had begun.

Soon the candles were lit, the song was sung, and a cleaver cake was eaten.  Celebration!  The boy was thirty.  The surprise birthday brunch was a success!

Happy birthday boy.  Best weekend of my life.