The Colleoni Sisters

Anna, Louisa, Gloria... Three sisters that were the lifeforce of so many people's lives.  Three sisters who inspired all of the woman in my family to become strong, assertive, brave, and independent women.  Three sisters who changed my life.

Anna, Louisa, Gloria...

Three sisters gone.

Today the youngest, Gloria passed and joined her sisters in the next life.  She had been sick for a long time.  When she went to hospice a few weeks back I knew that I would never see her again.  I knew that I would never hear her call me her bambina again. I spoke with my dad about going to Florida to see her and we both knew we couldn't.  Life was in the way.  Life is always in the way. I decided that although I would not see her again, surely she would see me (and my bambini).

Today was hard for me and many other people that I share the name Colleoni with. It was the end of beautiful era.

Three sisters gone.

Their spirit and souls forever here, inside of all of their children.

I miss you grandma.  Like crazy.