Miss Lena Horne Sings One Last Time

My dad used to sing this to me as I would drift of to dreamland. It is one of the many sound memories I have from him and every time I hear Stormy Weather, I am reminded of his love for me.

I fell in love with Lena Horne after I heard her version of the song and she has been a constant on my playlist ever since. (I think I was really supposed to grow up in the 40's)  Her song has influenced my days countless times.

Lena Horne passed away yesterday at the beautiful age of 92. Her voice was stunning and her career was groundbreaking. She was the first black woman ever to get a long term record contract. She broke down barriers with her voice and talent.

In her later years, she also managed to gain some young fans (including my mini's):

Rest in Peace Miss Horne, your song will be with us forever.

If you have never listened to the music of Miss Horne, let this be your introduction.  Her music will reach deep inside you & hug your soul.

If you are familiar with Lena what is your favorite performance?