The Painted Prius

The Chef has issues when it comes to buying me gifts.  In the beginning of our relationship he tended to purchase items that were interesting to him.  i.e Lord of The Rings Extended DVD Series.  After that gem, I politely let him know that I was quite fancy to handbags, large life sized handbags.  He stuck to the handbag prerequisite ever since and each year I get to add a big fancy handbag to my ever growing collection.  It works for both of us. When it comes to the mini's buying me presents I never know what to expect.  The Chef turns it into a free for all and I usually end up with a Transformer.  Hell, I do love me some Optimus Prime.  I have always yearned for homemade presents but seeing as the Chef has negative twenty free hours each week, I have always known that will most likely never happen.  There are no clay handprints on my walls yet.

My car, well that's another story.  I treated myself to a body scrub on mom day morning.  I knew that I would be working at the restie all day so I thought a little relaxation would do me right.  After the scrub down I headed home and waited for the Chef to pick me up.  I lounged a bit, thinking he wouldn't be back for awhile, and then I heard the car beep.  I ignored it picturing my husband leaning on the horn while trying to get his bag out of the car, and went back to super lounge.  Then I heard the beep again.  My temper began to rise as I walked out front.

What kind of man would beep the horn at his wife on Mother's Day?

The kind of man who plans the greatest Mother's Day surprise ever!!!

The Chef & the boy had been reading T-Rex & the Mother's Day Hug two weeks prior to mamma's day and he knew what he wanted to do.  In the story the boy t-rex wanted to do something special for his mamma but always seemed to make a big mess. In the end, he ended up painting his mamma's car so it became a mamma rex mobile.  My boy had to do the same.  He too would make a mamma rex mobile.  And boy did he!

The Painted Prius is by far the BEST present I have ever received.  Hands down.  No handbag could top this.  Not even this one. The thought behind the gift & the orchestration of the painted prius by my dear chef are going down in the books.  Next year is gonna be tough to top.

Best MOTHER'S DAY ever.