Hot Piping Steaming Mad Chef

Getting into a fight with the Chef is a bit like getting into a fight with a puppy.  He just looks up at you with big green eyes and has absolutely NO IDEA what the hell you are saying or mad about. The Chef & I have our moments. We have also had our battles, but they are ours and I tend to keep them to myself. Sorry world.

This past weekend the Chef & I may have had a wee too much to drink on Friday and some words may or may not have been exchanged. It happens. Liquor never brings out the best in people at 3 am. So yeah. We had words and I woke up mad.

He woke up clueless & smiling and went about his merry way to the restie. I fumed all day and by Sunday morning I was ready to let him have it. I emailed him and then promptly ignored him for the rest of the day. He watched sports. He went to work.  When he called I pressed silence.  Once again I was left fuming mad.

He came home clueless.  And happy.  Again.

Damn you man!

I finally got up the nerve to ask him about me email and guess what world, he hadn't even read it. Of course now that his interest was piqued he had absolutely no problem reading my one sided argument right in front of me!  I swear if it's not a butchered pig, then that man cannot pay attention to ANYTHING or ANYONE.

At this point, my anger completely disappeared. How could I be mad at a man who has absolutely no clue about being in a fight with a woman?  I think next time instead of steaming for 3 days while he's all smiles, I'll just hide his new toy.