Top 10 Lost Finale Endings

1.  Jacob & the MIB are the same dude.  Ever see that John Cusack movie Identity?  Turns out Jacob is a bed bound man living in Omaha with a serious split personality disorder.

2.  Claire's hair will get even frizzier and eventually strangle all of the remaining candidates.

3.  The MIB really is John Locke.  Turns out he ate a bad patch of wild mushrooms & thought he was an actual smoke monster.

4. Sawyer will save the world with his quirky one liners and dead sexy abs.

5.  The alternate reality will fuse with the island reality and there will be copies of each candidate on the island.  It will get hella confusing for Hugo (who is no doubly crazy) and he will go on a murderous rampage.

6.  The entire finale will be filmed like an episode of The Hills.  Speidi included.  Lauren's not gonna make it though...

7.  Jack will continue to believe he was brought to the island for a purpose, and then accidentally fall off a cliff 20 minutes in.

8.  Kate will make it off the island only to find that she lives in a trailer and has 7 kids, all with Jack & Sawyer.

9.  Hugo tired of eating leaves and canned goods, will finally eat the little Asian man.

10. The smoke monster will defeat everyone and the world will end.  Including our own.  Duh, dah, dah, duhhhhhh

What are your Lost theories?

I would love to hear them and if anyone's theory is 100% correct I will send you a $25 gift card to The Greenhouse Tavern.