Blogger Block

I have the sneaking suspicion that my blog has sucked for the past few months. Scratch suspicion.

It's been crap.

I haven't been into it all.  Life once again got completely overwhelming and the stress blocked any creative thought I had.

I'm not sure if I'm back but I know I'm ready to give it a whirl.  I think I need to change it up though. When I started this blog FOUR YEARS AGO, the driving force was my husband's shitty schedule and my lack of adult companionship.  Since then, my world has changed drastically.  Don't get me wrong, the schedule is still shitty and I talk in kid speak more often than not, but I have taken back my loneliness.  It's not often I find myself bitching and moaning like I used to.

I think that I may need a theme.  I have always written what I feel, but frankly, I'm kind of sick of talking about myself (as I am sure you are).

I would like to find a constant.  Do I talk about cooking, food, restaurants, & the chef?  Do I just talk about my kids?  Or should I shut her down all together?

I want to know what you think.  What do you like?  What do you dislike?  What kind of things would you like to hear about? Leave me as many suggestions as you want, good & bad.

And since no one won the Lost giveaway, I will randomly select one of you brilliant readers to win a $25 gift certificate to the Best New Restaurant in Cleveland, The Greenhouse Tavern yo.

Be brutal bitches.