Day One: Food & Wine Classic

10.00pm Back from Jose Garces' shindig where Chris Cosentino made me some delicious jowel.  Mmmmm.  I . Love. Pig.


Best New Chef Mike Sheerin & I talking food...and drink.


Shower time yo.  Welcome reception at 6.  Still no product.


Checking into the amazing Gant.  Breathtaking.


Stopping at Local Spirits to pick up a sour beer to calm our nerves while we wait for 1500 raviolini.


Stalking a random Fedex truck on the streets of Aspen.


Arrived in Aspen! Yay! Nay.  Fedex shipment of 1500 raviolini lost in transport.  Awesome blossom.


13,000 feet. Holy shitballs.  Did I mention I am afraid of heights????


Pit Stop on the side of a ginormous mountain.

12.13 pm Still in Leadville. The Chef had an asthma attack. Thank god for Doc Holiday's drug store that had his prescription breather in stock. Damn you altitude! Damn you!


Leadville. Fish Taco's at Manuelito's.

9.06am 6000 ft. Nose hurts. Drinking lotsa h20.

8.37am See you on the flip side Denver. Aspen here we come!

8.24am Coffee and water stop at the espresso bus.

7.43am Driving to Aspen yo. So. stinkin'. excited. We had a phenomenal dinner at Fruition last night with some old and new friends. It was the perfect evening opener for the Food & Wine Classic filled with delicious, beautiful food. Thank you Alex!