I Heart Colorado

Last week I fell in love. It hit me so fast.  So unexpected.  So NOT WANTED.

But it happened nonetheless.  I.fell.in.love.with.Colorado.

I'm sorry Cleveland, but you've got some competition.

When I stepped off the plane in Denver I was amazed at your blue skies and lavender scented air.  Your sun shone brightly on my face and warmed my heart.

I found myself walking the cleanest streets of any city I had ever been.

We hit the pavement in Denver and I was shocked at how it sparkled.  Not a speck of garbage on your street. Immaculate, as though a cleaning service had come through the previous night.

As we drove out of Denver my love grew.  My eyes discovered a beauty that is not found in the midwest.

After five days in your glorious state Colorado, I discovered that I can love another place.  I can dream of living on your soil, waking up to the sound of the river, and the smell of fresh air.  It's only a dream now, but who knows what our future will bring?

The Greenhouse Tavern Aspen, here we come.

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