Lady GaGa Goes Greenhouse

Lady GaGa. I effing LOVE Lady GaGa almost as much as this guy:

I have no shame when it comes to GaGa.  I A-freakin'-DORE her.

I work out to GaGa.  I drive to GaGa.  I even make my kids sing GaGa.  (not really though since both kids heart her too)

One day I made a GaGa playlist for the restaurant.  The Chef loved it, I loved it, the staff...well, they secretly loved it.

In two weeks GaGa is playing the Q.  It's sold out and I am without tickets.  I asked the Iron Chef if he could score some but he's been travelling/iron cheffing/filming for almost three months straight  so I'm not expecting a miracle. Next best thing besides going to the show for me is having GaGa eat at the restie.  She is a foodie you know~

So my quest begins and I need your help.  I am going to be tweeting @ladygaga numerous times until July 14th (night of the show) & telling her of the awesomeness of our restie.  I know it's lame and chessey but it's better than being a twi-mom right?

If you are so inclined to join my campaign, Lady Gaga Goes Greenhouse, please tell miss @ladygaga of the super fantasticalness of @thegreenhouse!   I will obviously love you forever.  And if she does come to the restie to eat then I will throw a Twitter/Facebook/Chef's Widow Readers party at the restie.  Free Beer for all!

Tweet! Tweet!


*Oh and if someone wants to hook me up with some tickey tix I would be super duper grateful.  Biggie Smalls is driving me nuts about going.