Five Years

I love him so much that I want to get his face tatto'd on my person.

The boy turns five today and I must admit that if life were a movie and I was Doc Brown, I would surely hop in the Doloren & relive the past five years.  As years go, they were in fact, the best years of my life.  The absolute best.

He is my superhero.

He makes me laugh till I pee myself over and over.  He  kisses my eyelids and tells me I'm the prettiest girl he's ever seen. He changes the shape of my soul with his smile.  He is my world.  He makes me mad, and oh so happy.  His feet grow too fast and his turn purple in the light of dusk.  His is my light, my sweet love.  But most importantly he is my teacher.  He teaches me about why I was put on this planet.  He teaches me how to believe.  He gives me a faith I never believed existed.

Happy Birthday my  love.  I adore you more than ink will ever let me tell.  So does your sis:

Can't wait to know you (& your giant brian) for the next five Catcher.  xo